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Football – Lebanon in the group of Iraq , North Korea and Australia for the tournament of qualifications in the Asia zone (August 22 – November 21) for the Olympics games of 2008 in China  

A black Wednesday plunges in mourning the entire Middle East


Creation of the “World Grand Family of Lebanon” at the dinner of RJLiban Club held on Tuesday, June 5, at Fakhr el Dine restaurant in Paris, with from left to right: Mrs. Eliane, d’Estienne d’Orves, Mr. Naji Farah, Mr. Gabriel Enkiri, Mr. Jean-Pierre Thiollet, Colonel Alain Corvez, European MP Beatrice Patrie, Mrs. Madeleine Anfrol, Mrs. Hiba farah, Mr. Emmanuel Español and Mr. Michel Anfrol 

The Middle East witnessed on June 13, 2007, a black Wednesday that plunged once again into mourning the unstable countries of the region i.e. Lebanon , Palestine and Iraq . New unbearable scenes invaded TV stations worldwide on Lebanon, the images of Anti-Syrian Majority MP Walid Eido, killed in a car bomb explosion late in the afternoon, in the neighborhood of Manara on the tourist seaside corniche in Beirut, along with his eldest son and eight other individuals among which two were players of the first division main Lebanese football club, Al Nejmeh, in addition to the victims of the ongoing combats in the Palestinian Camp of Nahr-el- Bared, near Tripoli, opposing since May 20 the Lebanese Army against an Islamic faction of foreign origin: from Palestine, the images of the serious uprising en Gaza and the West Bank between the Palestinian groups of Hamas and Fatah in an attempt to reach a hegemony on the Palestinian territories, causing 33 dead; and from Iraq, the images of the Grand Mosque of Samarra North of Baghdad whose minarets were blown up by a great explosion as the daily acts of violence resulted in a new series of victims. This disastrous situation was evoked during the last dinner of RJLiban Club on Tuesday, June 5, in Paris by Beatrice Patrie and Emmanuel Español who, on occasion of signing their book titled “Who wants to destroy Lebanon ?”, called for a greater implication of Europe in the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Club announced on such occasion the creation of the “World Grand Family of Lebanon”, thus opening subscriptions for this new grouping whose objective is to gather the Lebanese “of blood and heart” throughout the world, being engaged in a massive and durable enterprise of support for an incessantly threatened Lebanon.


Speech by Naji Farah

Dinner at RJLiban Club in Paris on Tuesday 5 June 2007


"We have the pleasure to welcome this evening two great friends from Lebanon, Mrs. Béatrice Patrie, European MP from Aquitaine region and President of the Commission of the European Parliament for the Machrek, and Mr. Emmanuel Español, historian et regional counselor of Dordogne, to whom we shall always be grateful for their devotion to our country and their ongoing efforts aiming to achieve a peaceful settlement to the crisis in Palestine, the sole guaranty for sustainable peace in the region. We received them in Beirut in the month of April, and now we are gathered again in Paris in this special evening event that we wish to be very pleasant to all, despite the bad times that Lebanon is enduring once again, and which eventually lead us to ask the following question: « Who wants to destroy Lebanon? », title of their book on Lebanon published in March, in Paris.

Before giving our two guests the chance to speak, I would like to convey my appreciation to President Jacques Chirac, who announced at the beginning of the war in summer 2006 that « there is a will to destroy Lebanon», thus for all his efforts in favor of Lebanon, and to congratulate the French people for their new president, Nicolas Sarcozy, wishing him a prosperous mandate for France in the unity of its political constituents, notably in this crucial period of European and international challenges. One of his projects announced on the eve of his election is of particular interest to Lebanon , notably the Mediterranean Union, which may contribute to the reestablishment of peace and the consolidation of solidarity between the Mediterranean countries. We truly need it.

Indeed, we assisted in Lebanon , almost one month ago, to a new international production. Technology and science achieved great progress, notably genetics, with a new species that just emerged among us, the Afghano-Palestinian. The name given to this new human group, coming straight from Orient Disney, reminds those of the Israeli wars waged for 30 years against Lebanon , such as « Peace in Galilea» or « the Grapes of Wrath». This time, it has to do with « Fateh el-Islam », the « conquest of Islam », declaring on television its open hatred of the Americans and the Jews, and its willingness to kill the Christians too. Well, I think everybody is aware of the situation. We wish the Lebanese Army would manage to achieve peace and control the situation in the Palestinian camps which remains nowadays explosive, at a time where the international tribunal, strongly rejected by Syria , seems to be operating. 

It seems that the summer season is once again threatened, and we are a bit tired with this situation being a fatality. However, the Lebanese people dispose of numerous resources, and would soon exclaim: « Who dares to destroy Lebanon ? »

Indeed, the Lebanese people are a proud people, self confident and legator of a great civilization, in the image of his ancestors the Phoenicians, and has no ambition to rule and subdue the world. It merely seeks to hold a respectable position in this world, delivering a message of love and peace, and to possess the required capacities to this effect. This is why it is combated, and there is a will to make it disappear, as the existence of the will nowadays to eradicate the message of Christ, for those who believe in Jesus who traveled many times to Lebanese land. Thus, the vocation of Lebanon remains universal. To be aware of that, we should visit Notre Dame du Liban and observe the flux of Arab tourists gather before the statue of the Virgin Mary as in the case of their Lebanese Muslim adepts and Lebanese Christians.

After 20 years of existence, our association, the Gathering of Lebanese Youth (Rassemblement de la Jeunesse Libanaise), intends to contribute strongly to the consolidation of the message of Lebanon throughout the world, wherever the Lebanese, their descendants or friends are found. They are in their great majority very well integrated and esteemed for their cultural and spiritual openness in the societies welcoming them. Such action for a unified, plural and democratic Lebanon , shall take place progressively, but rapidly, having as strong locations, for this year 2007, Beirut , Paris and São Paulo . It has to do with making a call to those of Lebanese origin, the Lebanese of the bloodline, and to the friends of Lebanon , the Lebanese at heart, in order to constitute the Grand World Family of the Lebanese of bloodline and heart, and to engage in a massive and durable enterprise of support for a Lebanon incessantly threatened. 


For a good undertaking of such action, we are transforming our website into a unique journal in Lebanon and in the region, with a complete and permanent diffusion in seven languages: French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German and Arabic. And we have the honour this evening to open subscriptions for the Letter of the Friends of Lebanon, and the Letter of the Grand World Family of Lebanon, with our guests and with all of you present.


I thank you for your loyalty and good evening."





On the crime scene were MP Walid Eido was killed, in Manara neighborhood, on Wednesday 13 June 2007



Grand hall of the Emir Bechir Palace at Beiteddine, built at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Photo taken on 29 April 2007. Naji Farah









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